The utilities are located along the lot border.

• Electricity from the 20kV Enexis network (directly connected to a 150 kV station for more than 150 MW).

• Gas at 8 bar through the Enexis network and possibly a gas receiving station (GOS) on the high pressure network.

• Drinking water from BrabantWater: 60 m3/h and more.

• Sewage system from the Steenbergen Municipality and Brabantse Delta Water Board: 135 m3/h.

• Fibre optic network installed by KPN’s network company.




  • Space has been reserved for a collective cable and piping corridor along all lots, to enable the exchange of flows between companies. Cables and piping can be installed for e.g. liquid products, residual heat, CO2, etc in this corridor. The collective cable and pipeline corridor is owned by the Business Association. The Business Association facilitates profitable symbiosis and cooperation between companies, as well as with the greenhouse location and the sugar plant.




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