There are multiple opportunities to profitably and efficiently participate with Nieuw Prinsenalnd,for instance via the production of natural gas and wind energy and the exchange of residual heat. The Nieuw Prinsenland industrial estate aims to enable companies to profit from these opportunities as much as possible. Both
now and in the future.


    • lucht
    • New wind farms are being realised in and around Nieuw Prinsenland:

      • Wind farm Nieuw Prinsenland on the Suiker Unie site. Four wind turbines supply a total of 12 MW. The wind farm is operated by the Raedthuys Group.

      • Wind farm Zuid-Dintel on the northern edge of the greenhouse location consists of three wind turbines and provides a total of 9 MW. The wind farm is being developed by SurveyCom. 

      • Wind farm Oud Dintel is located within the municipality of Moerdijk and consists of five wind turbines and delivers a total of 15 MW. This wind farm is being developed by Raedthuys.

        The wind farms provide power to the 150 kV station in Nieuw Prinsenland and supply 32,500 households with electricity.

    • Voorzieningen_water_ASR_tekening

    In addition to the water supply from BrabantWater, there is also the possibility of using purified water from the sugar plant. This water is currently being used by the greenhouse growers as irrigation water, eliminating the need to use groundwater and/or drinking water. This water treatment plant represents an important contribution to the profitable symbiosis and cooperation in Nieuw Prinsenland. This water treatment plant can also supply water to the companies in the industrial estate.

    • Voorzieningen - Restwarmte

    The greenhouse farming companies will be able to draw on the residual heat released during the sugar plant’s production process in the future. The residual heat can also be used by companies in the industrial estate. Transport pipelines for the residual heat run through the collective cable and pipeline corridor.

    • groen gas - vergister

    ­­­­­­­­Green Energy, a Suiker Unie subsidiary, started with the production of natural gas through fermentation in 2011. Plant residue flows from the sugar plant are then converted into natural gas. The natural gas is supplied to the grid. A further aim is to ferment the plant residue flows from other parties within the applicable regulations. The CO2 released during fermentation is reused in greenhouse farming. Companies moving to Nieuw Prinsenland can purchase natural gas from Green Energy.

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